Chapter 1.12 – Home

Dear Diary,

I’m a boss. Mmm-hmm. Well, I’m not the boss just yet, but I’m so close to my next promotion. I love heading out for work in the morning because that feeling of seizing the day… it just invigorates me! Plus, the view from my front porch is plumming beautiful.

I finally got a chance to get some good pictures of the house! The landscaping isn’t too fancy yet, but it’s still a work in progress. Several times a week, we’re working on how things look and where things should go. That’s the beauty of being a homeowner, right?

Okay, here’s the view of the house from the front:

And an overhead view:

A view from the back:

An even better view from the back so you can see the mainland:

Here’s our kitchen area. We don’t even have a coffee maker yet, but we will soon:

The amazing view out the kitchen window. This is what we get to see when we’re washing dishes:

The rest of our open floor plan has the sofa and TV, as well as a dining table near an armchair and bookcase:

On a closer look, that armchair is the same one I bought at the flea market all that time ago. I knew it would look good in almost any color, it just had to be reupholstered:

My little nook with my desk and guitar is taking shape. I can’t wait until we can splurge on a computer:

The best part about my nook is that right over my shoulder, I can keep an eye on my beloved garden:

We have two bedrooms in this cozy home. The first is the bedroom I share with Khaled. Blue and wood everything. I think it fits the vibe of the rest of our home:

The last room is undecorated for now. But some day it will make an amazing nursery:

The small porch outside the main living space has just enough space to grill and enjoy whatever was grilled:

The stairs down from that small deck lead to the trash can and Khaled’s beloved campfire:

There’s a nice paved path that goes around three sides (so far) of the house. It leads towards the front one way, and towards my yoga mat and garden the other way:

No matter where I stand on my property, I’m just in love with the view. My favorite view is to stand in my garden and look back at my home. One I designed myself. I happily took input from Khaled because it’s his home too, but it has been amazing to have no interior designing telling me my taste is too quirky or eclectic. I’m my own woman. I have a house with amazing views.

Khaled agrees the view is amazing no matter which way you look.

We spent a lot of time together because we’re lovers and best friends, but we also made time to do our own thing. You can’t really share and talk about your day when you spent the whole day together, haha. When we were having our alone time moments, I sometimes liked to play chess. It’s good for my mind and my career.

Khaled liked to read. He swears he likes the chair I bought from the flea market, but he never wants to use it.

I knew we’d reached another milestone when we were finally able to go out to dinner again. We went back to Hell’s Kitchen, this time with our friends Marcus and Yasmin.

The upkeep of a new house took up most of our took most of our disposable income, but I managed not to look too freaked out when I read the prices.

Marcus and Yasmin are always good company. They’re not dating, so they say. I’m accepting what they’re saying at face value. I have to with everything I went through with Khaled. You never know what’s happened between two people, so I let them claim whatever relationship status they want.

By the time our food arrived, we were laughing and joking and all talking about how we had to do this more often. I told them I loved that idea, but future hangs should be at my house where I can do the cooking. If I was cooking, I could control the ingredients, and the price of the meal. That made everyone laugh.

It was a testament to how wonderful my friends were because they agreed to my plan. I know it wasn’t easy for them to make their way to Windenburg, let along get out to my island. We finished our dinner amid laughs and anecdotes and silly plans for how everyone would have a slumber party at our place when they inevitably missed the last ferry back to the mainland.

We stayed out longer than I intended, but I was determined to get some work done around the house before bed. I changed into my everday clothes and figured I could stay awake long enough.

I was wrong.

That’s an oops on me. I’m going make sure I get proper sleep going forward so I don’t pass out anymore.



AUTHOR’S NOTE {ISBI SCORE: 10 -5 = 5. I cannot believe Nivea was the first one to pass out, lmao.}

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. audreyfld says:

    The house is great! I’m glad they are making friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun building it.


  2. Jes2G says:

    Thanks for the house tour!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the evolution of a legacy property over time, ill be interested to see how it changes with each generation.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jes2G says:

        Yep. Apart from the family, it’s the best part of the legacy!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Allysim says:

    That garden is goals! I need to get more creative about the layouts; yours is so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know how I missed this comment, but thanks!


  4. Rainy says:

    I love the house. Can’t believe she passed out! So funny. Personally, I’d nix the grill outside. If she’s at work and he catches himself on fire you can’t control him to put it out. Yikes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What’s the fun in an ISBI if you don’t have death traps everywhere? I reserve the right to switch my opinion if I lose too many heirs or spouses going forward, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rainy says:

        That’s so funny! LMAO I only ever had one fire in my ISBI and it was the night of the heir’s wedding!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. did you remove all fireplaces, grills, and campfires? And what about death by cowplant?

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Rainy says:

          I usually do remove grills at any house I have autonomous sims and I rarely have fireplaces or campfires. I fence my cowplants in and lock the gate for everyone but my controllable sim.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. That is some serious Sim safety right there. I’m taking notes if I ever want to autonomy-proof a household.

          Liked by 1 person

        4. Rainy says:

          There’s additions too! Focusing objects in all of the rooms that kids use and something they can do in high school to get their grades up. I usually leave a motion gaming rig in a locked room and only unlock it when they are home until they get skill to 3… since they get stuck in there and ignore all needs.

          Liked by 1 person

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