Chapter 1.10 – The Honeymoon Phase

Dear Diary,

I know I thought previously that Khaled would make a great roommate, and I was totally right. I haven’t taken out the garbage since he moved in!

There’s something in there about the importance of independence. But interdependence is important and a proper relationship progression from independence.

Plus Khaled’s so sweet to me. I didn’t exactly grow up in an affectionate household. “I love you”s were only exchanged when we were leaving town or something like that. But Khaled is constantly showing affection to me. So many hugs, I actually had to get used to it. But now I love it.

In addition to all the hugs, he brings in additional income as well. Having two incomes helped so much. We were soon able to afford an easel for him to paint away to his heart’s content. We also were able to afford a redesign of the house. It was a bittersweet moment to pack up everything and say farewell to the “studio apartment.” But it was time to look forward to a bigger, better house.

And when I say house, I mean house. Where we reside actually looks like an actual house! We have a front porch where I have a chess table and Khaled has an easel. We have not one, but two bedrooms. Still only one bathroom though. I have a little side door that leads to my garden area with enough room by it for a computer desk and my guitar.

We also have an open living area with a couch, a table to sit and eat at and a pretty nice kitchen. That area leads out to another small deck with our grill and leads down to the Khaled’s favorite area, the fire pit. I’ll take pictures soon to clip into this journal. I imagine one day I’ll want to look back on this major milestone.

Speaking of major milestones, Khaled and I had our first disagreement. It was about something that was both ridiculous and weighty all at once. I’m sure I’ll laugh at myself when I read this again in the future, but we argued about his first painting. He wanted to sell all his artwork to help us get more established and financially secure. I agreed that we could, but then when I saw his first painting, I simply couldn’t sell it.

I hung it prominently on the wall so everyone who sat on the couch could see it. Khaled didn’t finally relent about the paining until Monday rolled around and we easily covered our bills.

That one argument aside, I was pleased to learn how well we worked together in our new home. I took care of most of the cooking, he took care of most of the cleaning. And I never had to ask him to do anything, he just did it. And the best part was that I still had my best friend. Khaled still had the best stories.

I tried not to think of these amazing moments as a honeymoon phase because we weren’t married. And we only discussed that we both wanted it, we hadn’t made any concrete plans or solid time frames. I will admit here, and only here, that I sometimes zoned out when he was talking to me. I would just stare dreamily at him, wondering what our wedding would be like.

Would it be small an intimate? Would I invite my family and friends from back home? Or maybe we’d elope. I didn’t get to stay in my own thoughts for long though because it was impossible not to stay in the moment with him. He was so funny, and I hated missing any of his subtle witty jokes. So I’d let go my musings on when I could expect a proposal and get regaled with yet another story of his hopeless coworker who still can’t staple a canvas properly.

The only downside of this newer bigger home is that Khaled doesn’t spend as much time outside by the campfire. Sure, that means he’s less likely to set stuff on fire, but it also means I can’t look up from my garden at see him. That hasn’t stopped me from continuing to expand the garden though.

I wonder if Khaled would want to go to Granite Falls for our honeymoon one day… There are some amazing plants that only grow there, like how I’ll have to travel to Oasis Springs to find tulips, and Willow Creek to find roses.

I just wished I knew what he was thinking. What’s going on behind that smile?

Does he really want to get married? He says he does, and he’s never lied to me, so I’m going to choose to believe him.



AUTHOR’S NOTE {ISBI SCORE: -10 + 0 = -10. No point gain, but hey, at least he didn’t set anything on fire this time.}

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  1. audreyfld says:

    I love Khalid! I’m so glad he finally came around. I see nooboos in the future!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is just the best, right? Nooboos are of course on their way 😉


  2. Rainy says:

    Things seem to be going well. So he’s autonomously painting? That’s always nice. I hear wedding bells!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really glad he paints autonomously, he might actually get another job promotion even being ISBI.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rainy says:

        I haven’t played mine in awhile but now you mention it I was so close to getting one of mine a promotion too. She needed logic and I kept making my playable sim play chess with her.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Jbestxoxo says:

    Yaaaay!!! Love the house and I cannot wait for the wedding?? Hopefully? *fingers crossed* 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At the speed Khaled moves, I think the wedding isn’t happening in the next chapter, lol


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